Corporate banking

Recognising the needs of its clients, and with the aim of timely and quick meeting of those needs, Veneto banka created a wide range of products and services in the country and abroad. Through continuous improvement of products and services we wish to be at the Your disposal.

Maestro debit card

Maestro debit card is a card with EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa standard for chip cards) chip, based on cutting-edge technological solutions which offer to the user the highest level of security.

Veneto banka Maestro card is a debit card aimed at withdrawing cash and paying goods and services in Croatia and around the world. At Veneto banka ATMs, besides withdrawing cash, Maestro card enables You to change PIN, to see Your account state and to buy GSM prepaid. Maestro card also serves as identification document when withdrawing or paying cash at Veneto banka branch offices.

Using Maestro card makes the money in Your account available 24/7, wherever You are. There is no risk of losing cash, and paying in foreign currency is simple because there is no need for cash in foreign currency.

With Your Maestro card a PIN, secret identification number is linked, and it serves for authorisation of cash withdrawal at ATMs and for paying on  EFTPOS terminals. PIN is, with the card, the most important element of protection of money in Your account, and You are not supposed to write it down on the card or to keep it near the card. In case You forget the PIN, the Bank will issue a new PIN at Your request and send it to Your home address.

MasterCard Business card

MasterCard Business card is a card  with delayed payment. Card with delayed payment enables greater flexibility of Your finance by settling costs 45 days after occurrence without interest.

MasterCard Business card may be used to pay for goods and services on points of sale labelled MasterCard around the world, to withdraw cash on ATMs and EFTPOS terminals, to use services via Internet, to buy GSM pre-paid on ATMs.

Cost incurred with the MasterCard Business card may be paid according to Your own preference/ Permanent order, internet banking, payment in one of the branch offices.