Veneto banka d.d. Zagreb independently conducts payment transactions.

The clients may carry out all domestic payment transaction at branch offices:

  • Payment and withdrawal of cash (daily earnings, withdrawing cash within approved balance and approved loan)
  • Order payment of tax liabilities, contributions for social and retirement insurance and other obligations, based on submitted decision or calculation or filled out payment order,
  • Cashless payment of goods and services, payment transactions,
  • Permanent orders for transfer to other accounts, inside or outside the Bank,
  • Tracking changes in the account and issuing statement with detailed changes,
  • Reporting in giro account statement, at the bank0s counter or by mail, as agreed,
  • issuing BON-2 form,
  • issuing data on transactions on the giro account to the competent financial institution in order to establish data required for tax levy.

With the aim of facilitating payment transactions to its clients, Veneto banka offers   Internet  banking.
Giro-account at our bank enables:

  •  quick and reliable conduct of payment orders,
  •  quick and quality reporting on conducted transactions
  •  favourable fees for conducting payment transactions

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