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Simple, safe, functional and practical. The Venetobanka Online service provides access to accounts and carrying out various transactions 24 hours a day, without coming to the office.

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Venetobanka Online

Internet banking enables quick, simple and safe access to information related to services that You have at Veneto banka, and the possibility to conduct financial transactions with favourable fees.
For using Internet banking all You need to have to do is:

  •  open an account with Veneto banka
  •  contract using internet banking and take over the token
  •  receive initial pin by mail
  •  have internet access 
  •  With ib4banks services You have access to banking accounts 24/7, from anywhere in the world, and all You need to have is Internet access (from Your home, Internet kiosk, Internet café, from a hotel, or the place You work...).

Internet banking enables:

  • Managing accounts and conducting cashless Kuna payment transactions
  • Review of the state and transactions of own accounts, as well as accounts You are authorised to use at Veneto banka.
  • Purchase and sale of foreign currency
  • Internal transfer of funds
  • Submitting payment confirmations by e-mail
  • Paying loan and credit liabilities
  • Overview of orders by status 

All additional information on Veneto banka products may be obtained at the Bank’s branch offices, on or on free info phone 0800 8881.



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