Transaction account offers quick access to Your funds at the Bank’s branch offices and via ATMs of the MBNet network where You can have insight into the statement of Your account and withdraw money  without fees.

In order to be able to have this service, You need to open an account at any branch office regardless if You receive regular income at the bank or not.
Besides transaction account You can also choose a number of additional products such as:

  •  Maestro card valid in the country and abroad
  •  Internet banking
  •  Charge and revolving credit card
  •  Term savings
  •  Credit products

Retired people and employees of certain companies have additional advantages after transferring regular income (salary or pension) into the Bank:

  •  Allowed overdraft of up to 300% of the regular monthly income which You may contract after receiving first regular income on Your account
  •  Charge and revolving credit card without fee for registration and annual membership for the first year
  •  Credit products with more favourable interest rates
  •  Attractive interest rates on term savings

For all these advantages and for additional information, please come to our branch offices and we will be glad to help.